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The medical immigration exam is required for individuals looking to obtain a green card
as well as several other immigrant or non-immigrant visas.

Get Your immigration Physical Exam
at CentMed Chicago Clinic.

The immigration exam is our Clinic in Chicago is performed in the United States by civil surgeons that are designated by the USCIS.

If the applicant is outside the United States, then he or she may have the exam performed by a designated panel physician.


The purpose of the medical exam is to determine if an individual has a particular health condition that would make him or her generally inadmissible to staying in the United States on medical grounds.

Starting on October 1, 2021 an applicant for lawful permanent residence and other categories that require the immigration medical examination must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
USCIS will implement this requirement by mandating proof of fully vaccinated status before a civil surgeon can complete an I-693 report in order sign off on your application form!

Immigration Medical Exams – general information

In general, a person seeking a greencard may not have the immigration medical exam performed by a family physician, unless that doctor is a Civil Surgeon or USCIS approved doctor.

The immigration medical exam tests involves a physical examination including disrobing, a mental status evaluation, a tuberculosis test, blood tests for, syphilis and other diseases, and it may also include giving shots to applicants who have not had all their required vaccinations.

Medical tests for Immigration Required vaccinations for adjustment of status applications. Applicants applying for adjustment of status should bring a passport or other government issued identification to the exam, plus written documentation of vaccination history.

Immigration Medical Exam Procedure.

During the immigration medical exam, the applicant is tested for a variety of Class A medical conditions that are deemed a threat to public safety; these include communicable diseases such as SARS, leprosy, chancroids, gonorrhea, tuberculosis and others. Other Class A medical conditions may include drug addictions or certain psychiatric disorders creating a threat for physical harm to others. Other medical conditions or abnormalities not deemed as a threat to public safety are declared Class B conditions, and waivers may be granted for Class B conditions. In case of Class A medical conditions found where the disease is treatable, the doctor will recommend a course of treatment. However, even in some cases where the condition is not easily treatable, applicants may apply for medical waivers of Class A medical conditions. For example, an applicant may apply if he or she is the spouse or unmarried child of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. The I-601 form is used to apply for a medical waiver.

Immigration Medical Exam – USCIS I-693 form

Prior to the exam, applicants should fill out a USCIS I-693 form (download form here) which is a report of medical examination and vaccination record; it will be completed by the civil surgeon or physician and put in a sealed envelope. After the exam, the applicant must submit the sealed envelope to the USCIS I-693 form along with the I-485 petition for adjustment of status to permanent residency.

Immigration Medical Exam in Chicago

Applicants in the Chicago area may have an immigration exam in Chicago performed at the CentMed Medical Center. Applicants should bring a passport as well as chest x-rays, blood tests, vaccination records and TB skin tests that have been performed in the last six months. Payment is also required on the day of the appointment.

Preparing for your immigration physical

Preparing ahead for your immigration physical is very important, as well as making sure that you go to a certified physician that is authorized and designated to complete your examination by USCIS and who will properly complete the immigration form I-693. Generally the process takes 2-3 visits if you can be cleared medically and do not required additional laboratory work or tests.

Prior to going to your immigration physical please bring Form I-693 and the following:

  1. Valid government issued photo I.D. (i.e valid unexpired driver’s license or passport)
  2. If an applicant is 14 years old or younger identification that shows name and place of birth and parent’s full name such as a birth certificate (please translate any foreign birth certificates to English) or bring an affidavit
  3. Vaccination and immunization record (read more about vaccination)
  4. Bring Vaccination and immunization record with you.
  5. If necessary please bring a friend that speaks your language as well as English.

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