Immigration’s Medical Exams Doctor (Civil Surgeon)

Who is a Civil Surgeon?

A Civil Surgeon is a doctor, selected by the USCIS to conduct medical examinations of aliens in the United States who are applying for adjustment of status to permanent residence, or who are required by the USCIS to have a medical examination. Civil surgeons are not synonymous with panel physicians. Civil surgeons provide medical exams within the U.S. while panel physicians perform exams outside the U.S.

When you apply for Green Card Immigration Medical Exams are required to be performed on any person that is applying for immigration in the United States. The reason an Immigration medical exam is required is to examine if the applicant could possibly have a specific health condition that would require additional information or additional steps. The exam must be done by a doctor (Civil Surgeon) who is authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

Dr. Forys is an Immigration Doctor with specific designation and licensed by the USCIS as a Civil Surgeon and is approved to perform your immigration medical exam.

Dr. Victor Forys: Licensed USCIS Civil Surgeons.

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We’ve proudly served the healthcare needs of Chicago for over 24 years. At our practice, we are committed to offering Immigration Medical Exams in an accessible, affordable, and comfortable environment. Dr. Victor Forys is a Civil Surgeon for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in Chicago.
Appointments can be made at any time at our Chicago Immigration Medical Exam Center at Central Medical Clinic.

Dr Victor Forys Immigration Exam Doctor - Chicago