At our Walk-in clinic all medical services come at very affordable prices.

Here we diagnose and treat most non-life threatening injuries and illnesses for people of all ages. We strive to provide you with fast, effective and quality medical care that you deserve. Our range of services are unique with friendly environment.

We have a clean staff of full time board certified physicians and patient centered nurses. They make sure that you get a warm and comfortable attention.

For our Chicago walk in clinic you don’t need an insurance to see a doctor. Please talk to us so that we can guide you with better prices. With our leading edge technology we provide medical services, including urgent care, injuries, worker’s compensation, immigration medical exam, men’s health issues, ultra sound, medicine, pediatric and physical therapy, X- ray, diagnostic and laboratory tests, vaccinations and physical health services.

Discounted Prices only for patients with no Medical Health Insurance.
All patient must pay cash at the time of service.

Immigration Exam $295.00

TDAP Vaccine $70
MMR Vaccine $95
Varicella Vaccine $170

Blood tests
CBC 25.00
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel 28.50
Lipid Panel 40.00
Thyroid (TSH) 22.50
TSH/T3/T4 34.50
Urinalysis 25.00
Urine Culture 65.00

These are the “discounted direct prices” for medical services at the CentMed clinic. Prices are payable by the patient to the clinic without involving any insurance coverage. All Insurance prices are based on contractual agreements with each insurance company.