Affordable Medical Care in Chicago: Family Doctor

If you do not have a family physician or are having problems getting in to see your family physician, we are here to help! We offer walk in family medical services and we Accepting New Patients.

We are dedicated to making high-quality, affordable health care accessible to all of the residents of Chicago area

If you need urgent medical care without insurance ask for our board licensed Family Practitioner. Our main goal is taking care and looking after your entire family

We have Best Primary Care Board-Certified Family Physicians from all ages and gender who visit us whenever they want. Even if it urgent medical care there is no appointment required.

Our doctors understands the importance of disease prevention and also promotes total health care and whole patient treatment.

Affordable Family Care Chicago - Our Doctors
Dr. Forys and Dr. Birn-Forys

Being a low cost clinic there are no hidden fees.

We don’t require unnecessary lab tests and paperwork that inflate your costs. Even the waiting time is at bare minimum and our family nurse practitioners are always there to take care of you. They are happy to explain your medical condition in detail with you.

This is a medical care for whole family.

If you need a thorough examination you will be asked first, before we proceed ahead. And if you require a specialist we will co ordinate with them and keep you informed of each and every step.

… just walk in.

We have a team of family medical physicians totally devoted to your acute or chronic medical conditions. Our preventive care program is one of the best in Chicago.
When it comes to finding some of the best doctors available in the Chicago Metro area for your family health care the CentMed is the source for all your needs. We have a variety of doctors on staff that have been serving the area for years, and work hard to build personal relationships with each patient.

We communicate in English, Spanish and Polish. All non-life threatening injuries and illnesses are diagnosed by full time US Board certified and licensed physicians. Our friendly staff looks after all your medical needs and give you the most focused attention that you deserve.

Our Affordable Medical Clinic in Chicago offering medical services as well as Immigration Medical Exams with latest cutting edge technology. Just walk in the clinic and see our staff who will guide you with best prices.

If you are in Chicago area give us a call. Then leave the rest to us.
Top priority for our Medical Center is to serve you and your entire family in a relaxed way.