Affordable Medical Care in Chicago: Physical Therapy

We are a walk-in medical clinic that provides affordable, reliable and convenient primary care. We have been serving the Northwest Side of Chicago since 1992. Our skilled doctors have experience providing variety of medical services, ranging from urgent care to physical exams.

One of the services we have offered since inception is the Physical Therapy.

Physical therapy is especially important for accident and injury victims. We understand that proper exercises can facilitate the healing process.
We have experienced physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who have been practicing with us for over ten years and can give you the quality care that will set you well on your path to recovery.

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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy is an aspect of medicine that remediates impairments and facilitates mobility and function by the use of exercise therapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy and mechanical force/movements. With physical therapy, a patient’s quality of life can be improved through diagnosis, examination, prognosis and physical intervention.
Note that physical therapy does not involve the use of surgery and medicine. In its place, massage, exercise, aquatic therapy can be used.
A physical therapy session is handled by a physical therapist. Physical therapists can effectively treat people of all ages and capabilities.

Why Physical Therapy in our clinic?

There are a lot of reasons why you may require a physical therapy especially in our Medical Clinic. You could sustain an injury at any point in time – could be in your place of work, at the playground, in your car or even at home. Physical therapy can also be required due to post-operative rehabilitation, back pain, chronic or acute pain etc.
Whatever the reason, you will need proper diagnosis and timely care to enhance recovery. If you lack these, then your recovery process can be prolonged and very painful.
At Central Medical Clinic of Chicago, we use a variety of treatments and physical exercises to kick-start your rehabilitation process once you have an injury or pain. With these, you can get strength and be well on your way to recovery within a short time. Also, it will help you prevent future injury.

Our therapists can help you get back.

Your daily life can be put on hold due to an injury, chronic medical condition, re-injury or accidents. When this happens, our therapists can help you get back to your feet and to the activities that you enjoy. You will be examined by a licensed physical therapist to determine strength of your muscle, range of motion, postural alignments and abnormalities in movement patterns, body mechanics and quality of movement with daily activities.
Following the outcome of your evaluation, a custom care plan will be created for you to help you meet your individual recovery needs. We will work together with you to establish clear goals and begin treatment that will help you meet your individual recovery needs. Clear goals will be established and you’ll be given treatment that will be most effective to your specific injury.

You can gain significant benefits to the following conditions from our programs:

Back and neck pain
Sprains and strains
Orthopedic injuries
Soft tissue injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Balance disorders
Chronic pain / Fibromyalgia
Loss of motion or weakness
Pre and post-operative conditions
Sports related injuries

Physical therapy covers a wide range of health disorders.


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